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✔ slash acos by 11%
✔ reduce spend by $150

Let the BookBot seek & destroy the keywords which waste your royalties.... automatically

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Did you know... up to 60% of your ad spend is on searches which you'll never get a sale for

If you're not negating keywords on a weekly basis, you may as well throw the money down the drain

Without BookBot...

Waste 10 hours a month by...

downloading an Excel search term report (for each country)

becoming an Excel Wizard

opening each campaign in the dashboard

copying and pasting from Excel

clicking negate

rinse and repeat 200 times.... zzzz


Or with BookBot, save hours and $$ (while you sleep) with automation

BookBot scans your entire account once a week for search terms that are killing your profits

Use tried and tested rules or create your own

Let BookBot simplify your life. Use industry-standard author rules or create your own using any metric.

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Where do you get my data from?

Your Amazon Advertising data is retrieved directly from Amazon. We use 'Logon with Amazon' to request this data from Amazon. This works in the same way as 'Login with Amazon'. You give us permission to access your advertising data, but we do not receive any personal data, card details etc.

Is my data safe?

Yes! Firstly, we do not have access to your Amazon credentials or non-advertising information (except your email). All data collection and communication goes through industry-standard encryption protocols. Your data is stored securely on our cloud servers at Digital Ocean.

Can I use my Advantage account?

Not at this time. Only KDP accounts will work with BookBot.

Are all ad types supported?

Only Sponsored Products (which are usually 95% of most ad spend). Sponsored Brands, Product Display and Lockscreen Ads will be added in the future.

Will I really save $150 and reduce my acos by 11%?

You have a good chance! The data is from Alpha testers. These numbers are the biggest spending publishers, running default rules, on all markets, and 60 days of data.

It is the amount users have saved if they had used BookBot 60 days ago.

Are all countries included?

Yes! If you are advertising in a market, your data will appear. You can also change the currency for any market.

Do I need to download anything?

No, everything is purely online. Just login and go.

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